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Every year 90,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and begin a lifelong journey of managing symptoms. Studies show that with intense physical activity, symptom progression can be slowed down or even halted.  That’s where we come in with our programs and exercise classes especially designed to fight against the many symptoms of PD.

Our programs reach more than 80 people living with Parkinson’s disease in Snohomish and surrounding counties. With the support of sponsors you, we can reach even more people while continuing to keep costs low for our participants.  On average, our participants pay $60 a month for our programs, the national average is more than double that amount.  In addition, we offer scholarships so that our programs are accessible to everyone.

By sponsoring a Parkinson's Wellness Place event, or taking advantage of our new year-long sponsorship, you are directly supporting our efforts to keep costs low and our programs accessible to anyone with a PD diagnosis.  

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