Benefits of Personal Training with Parkinson's

In addition to our classes, we offer one-on-one personal training sessions


Individualized Programming

No two people experience Parkinson's Disease the same way. In personal training sessions we can focus on your individual symptoms.



Our personal trainers will work with you to design a program specifically tailored to your goals.



Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to work out. Regular sessions with a personal trainer may give you the boost you need and having someone in your corner to push and encourage you can be rewarding.



Working with a trainer allows you the freedom to create your own workout schedule. 



Our trainers teach you proper way to perform each exercise movement and why it's important. We can demonstrate the movement, explain why it's effective, coach you through it, and corrects any issues with your posture or technique.

Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury and increases the movement's efficacy.

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